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Please consider contributing to WellStone's capital campaign. Help those in mental health and substance use crisis by supporting Alabama's first 24/7 crisis center.

Why Support WellStone?

Because you care. You care about the one in five individuals who experience mental illness and substance use disorders (SUD). You care about their families. You care about local law enforcement personnel whose jails are overcrowded. You care about hospital Emergency Department workers who are already overwhelmed. And you care about completing the continuum of mental healthcare for adults in Madison County.

Because you care, we ask that you consider supporting the new crisis center for WellStone Emergency Services (WES). Please "Be the Rock" for someone in need and help us build a foundation of compassion, connection and community for those in mental health and substance use crisis. 

Your gift, at any level, will strengthen our mission. Together, we can connect North Alabama children, adolescents and adults to health and well-being.


Be the Rock Giving Levels

Why Support WES?

Here are a few reasons why your gift matters:

    Approximately 35% of
    Madison County jail
    inmates live with a mental

More than 8,000 people are taken to our local Emergency Departments every year with mental health crises.

WES ensures that those in crisis receive the mental healthcare they need with the dignity they deserve. This also alleviates the burden of local law enforcement and emergency department personnel. 


WES construction (8)

Law enforcement has struggled for years to best serve those in mental health crisis. Thanks to WellStone, our first responders have the resources they need to care for those in crisis. There is finally an option other than the emergency room or jail for these situations."

- Deputy Chief DeWayne McCarver, Huntsville Police Dept.